Dr Emmanuel Comte is a recognised expert in European integration and migration policy, with extensive experience in academia, policy-making, and media outreach. He has provided expert guidance to research institutions – including major publishers, scientific journals, and research foundations – while his policy briefs have influenced key decision-makers in European institutions – including the European Council and the European Parliament. His opinions have been featured in several leading publications, including Euractiv, Kathimerini, Le Monde, Mises Wire, and Ta Nea. Dr Comte’s expertise has been sought by various European governments and institutions, including the Andorran government and the European Economic and Social Committee.

As an adviser, Dr Comte provides guidance and recommendations to institutions, organisations, communities, and individuals to tackle the multifaceted challenges of human movement in Europe. His policy recommendations aim to balance the needs for managing migration control costs, maximising the economic benefits of human mobility, and minimising social conflicts.

Dr Comte has a record of effectively presenting ideas and policy recommendations to diverse audiences across various platforms, including live presentations, podcasts, radio shows, and television programmes. He has been featured on channels like The History Channel, France Culture, and Radiotelevisión Española.


‘We wanted … a critical analysis of a few tendencies of migration policies as adopted in different countries in the recent years, alongside proposals for solution. Dr Comte’s intervention on the topic has been very appreciated by our members… We consider Dr Comte a valid contributor who can easily be recommended to our colleagues from other services in charge of migration’. — Mr Daniele Vitali, External Relations Unit, European Economic and Social Committee.