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Programme description

This study programme offers courses designed to help learners develop their critical thinking and in-depth understanding of European history, politics, and philosophy related to human movement. These courses aim to equip learners with research abilities on primary sources, critical thinking skills, and the capacity to articulate informed arguments. Active learning techniques are incorporated into lectures, reading-based discussions, and hands-on projects to enhance the learning experience. These online courses are cost-effective, flexible, and customisable, allowing learners to tailor their studies to their areas of interest and receive a certificate of achievement from a subject expert. Learners can request a third party to recognise their certificates of achievement for these courses, facilitating validation of other curriculums in which they are engaged. Last, the programme offers international learning opportunities through discussion seminars and social platform connections with peers.

Become a learner on and gain full access to all three courses, podcast recordings, and available publications (upon request) for one full trimester for just €300 (25% discount).


Dr Comte has taught modern history, migration studies, and European studies at the Vienna School of International Studies, Sorbonne University, the University of California, Berkeley, James Madison University in Florence, Stanford University Programme in Paris, and the College of Europe in Natolin, reaching over 800 students in a range of different modules, in various teaching formats, including traditional lectures, interactive seminars, and thesis-writing workshops. He is well-versed in the use of the teaching platforms Zoom and Moodle, ensuring that students can learn effectively online. Dr Comte’s teaching evaluations have consistently been in the top range.

‘Professor Comte is extremely organized, concise, and knowledgeable. I would take a class from him any time. I have learned a lot in this class.’Student from Berkeley.

‘Great professor – always prepared for class and makes sure that students have understood all the complicated matters.’Student from Vienna.