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Dr Emmanuel Comte is an expert in the fields of European integration and migration policy. He provides guidance and recommendations to European political institutions, organizations, communities, and individuals on addressing the challenges related to migration management in Europe.

Dr Comte makes effective policy recommendations that balance the needs for limiting the costs of migration control, maximizing the economic benefits of human mobility, and minimizing social conflicts. He has provided advice to the government of Andorra on preparing for the free movement of people with the European Union, and to the External Relations Section of the European Economic and Social Committee on reducing EU countries’ vulnerability to their neighbours in the field of migration control.

Dr Comte’s policy briefs have been widely distributed and read by key decision-makers in the European Council and the European Parliament. His work has also been featured in several leading publications, including Le Monde, Euractiv, and Kathimerini.

In the scientific field, Dr Comte has been a reviewer for various entities. These include academic publishers, such as Cambridge University Press and Routledge, as well as scientific journals like Cold War History, Contemporary European History, Le Mouvement social, and Social Inclusion. Dr Comte has also served as a reviewer for research foundations, including the European Research Council and the Slovak Academy of Science.

Furthermore, Dr. Comte is an experienced communicator, with a track record of effectively conveying his ideas and policy recommendations to diverse audiences. He has an extensive background in presenting his views through various mediums, including presentations, podcasts, radio shows, and television programmes. You can witness his communication skills by checking out his interventions on The History Channel and France Culture.


‘We wanted … a critical analysis of a few tendencies of migration policies as adopted in different countries in the recent years, alongside proposals for solution. Dr Comte’s intervention on the topic has been very appreciated by our members… We consider Dr Comte a valid contributor who can easily be recommended to our colleagues from other services in charge of migration’. — Mr Daniele Vitali, External Relations Unit, European Economic and Social Committee.

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