Finding the right approach to human movement in Europe

Human movement is vital to economic activity, for barriers can stifle growth, obstruct the flow of talent, distort competition, and perpetuate both corruption and inequality. Yet, this very movement has often emerged as a source of concern in contemporary Europe. Understanding the problem, as well as identifying the right approach to address it, holds the key to making informed decisions that can shape the future for governments, communities, businesses, and individuals alike.

Through books and publications, tailored research and advisory services, and educational programmes, this website offers knowledge of European history and politics to unravel the complexities of mobility barriers in Europe, explore their origins and consequences, and reveal successful strategies to manage human movement in Europe.

These resources will transform your understanding of migration politics and, more broadly, European politics. They will enable you to navigate the complex political and institutional landscape in Europe and equip you with the tools necessary to devise effective strategies.

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Dr Emmanuel Comte is a senior research fellow of the European Programme at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy in Athens (ELIAMEP), a professorial lecturer at the Vienna School of International Studies (Diplomatische Akademie Wien). He is also a research associate of the research centre on the history of contemporary international relations at Sorbonne University in Paris (Sirice).

‘The French historian, who has taught and worked since his doctorate at Berkeley, the EUI in Florence and … the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, … [has produced a] ground-breaking [book] in a very relevant field of European integration’.Prof. Philipp Ther, University of Vienna.

‘Comte is an accomplished research historian with unusual gifts for comparative history; students at UC Berkeley also praised him as a concerned, enlightened, and effective teacher.’ – Prof. John Connelly, University of California, Berkeley.