European University Institute, Teacher Training Certificate, June 2015 
(Workshops on Curriculum and Course Development, Learning Outcomes and Strategies, How to Structure a Lecture, Small-group Teaching, Teaching in Multi-cultural Environments, Graduate Students Supervision, Professional Feedback.)

Université Paris-Sorbonne, Teacher Training, July 2012
(120 hours of training, including workshops on the use of Moodle, on grading methods, and on the analysis of teaching practices.)

Postgraduate level experience

Full courses

Vienna School of International Studies, Master of Advanced International Studies
Immigration to Europe since 1945, Spring 2018

James Madison University, M.A. in European Union Policy Studies, Florence Migration Questions in European Integration, January – April 2016. The course included the supervision of research papers.


College of Europe, Natolin Campus
The Formation of the European Migration Regime since 1947, 28 April 2016

Undergraduate level experience

Supervision and Seminars

University of California, Berkeley, Department of History  

African and Asian Immigration to Europe since 1945, Spring 2017

Historical Research and Writing for History Majors (Late Modern European topics), Fall 2016

Stanford University Program in Paris, Historical Research and Writing (Late Modern European topics), Fall 2013


University of California, Berkeley, Department of History

The International Economy in the 20th Century, Spring 2017

The Changing European Order in the 20th Century, Fall 2016

Université Paris-Sorbonne, Department of History

“La France et la construction européenne, de 1956 à nos jours,” third-year course, September 2012 – June 2013 (two semesters)

“L’Europe à l’époque contemporaine, des années 1880 à nos jours,” September 2010 – June 2013 (five semesters)