The Narrowing-Down of the OEEC/OECD Migration Functions, 1947-1986.

With Simone Paoli. In: The OECD and the International Political Economy Since 1948. Edited by Matthieu Leimgruber and Matthias Schmelzer. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017 (Transnational History Series).

This chapter studies how member states have gradually defined the functions of the OEEC/OECD in the migratory field between its inceptions in 1947 until the mid-1980s, when those functions were eventually stabilised. Migration was a more important issue in the Organisation than it is generally acknowledged to be. In this chapter, we explain why the Organisation was initially expected to receive migratory functions at the level of cooperation or even integration and why it ended up assuming only functions at the level of coordination and more and more at the strict level of information.

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